Safar Academy is a visionary academy that differs from the traditional ‘maktab’ system, which teaches Quranic recitation only. It aims to standardise the ‘maktab’ system with a robust and comprehensive syllabus and teacher training programme that incorporates vital knowledge the youth need to learn to be model citizens, who have a deep-rooted sense of faith and belief.

We are kindly requesting you to help us to promote the works of Safar Academy. Since 1998, we have not only provided Islamic studies, but we have always invested every year in developing the curriculum  further , while making it relevant and practical for the youth of today . In addition to curriculum development, Safar Academy also develops teacher training programmes for Safar and non-Safar teachers and ensures children build the necessary social skills and community integration through extra-curricular activities through trips and workshops. In the past trips have included farms, paintballing, bowling, sports days, plays and presentations in addition to workshops such as encouraging youth to pick up litter in the local area or arranging food parcels in Ramadhan.


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