Safar Academy Trust is a registered charity (Charity no. 1125653) which has been serving the needs of Muslims across the UK and worldwide for over 2 decades. Founded by Shaykh Hasan Ali in 1998. 

Safar Academy is a visionary academy  that aims to inspire the next generation locally, nationally and internationally with the permission of Allah. Safar has pioneered the evolution of the ‘traditional maktab’ system with a robust and comprehensive syllabus and teacher training programme that incorporates vital knowledge the youth need to learn to be model citizens, who have a deep-rooted sense of faith and belief.

Safar Publications Ltd a non-profit organisation which was born from the growing demand from our work in the curriculum and resources for external organisations. Safar Publications is a growing publishing arm of the trust, and through this dedicated and distinct service, we aim to create the best and most innovative tools to meet the learning needs of today’s students, particularly in Islamic education.

Our work focuses on two key areas: creating the best teaching tools and resources and providing the best support to all the users of our curriculum. Our growing range of services includes syllabi, online learning platform via Journey2Jannah, teaching resources, teacher training and development, curriculum implementation help, administrative support and continued development of institutions and leaders in our communities. We do this with the vision of making learning and teaching engaging, effective and innovative.

Support our work and reap the rewards of hundreds of thousands of people learning their deen and how to read the quran and much more.

If you would like to support any of our upcoming projects or provide specific support please contact us on and we can arrange a meeting either face to face or via online.

Allah reward you in full for considering supporting Safar and may we all seek as many opportunities to please Allah and attain Jannah. Ameen

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