Educating the next generation


“Indeed, they were youths who believed in their Lord, and We increased them in guidance.”

~ Qur’an 18:13


Safar Academy encourages every pupil to acquire the knowledge and understanding to promote their religious, spiritual and moral development and provides pupils with the skills to be able to evaluate their life in a God-conscious way.

Our ethos centers around the principles and values of Islamic teachings, morals and etiquettes based on the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This relates to our actions, morals, manners and how we deal with and respect people in addition to the environment around us. This ethos is embedded in the curriculum and the learning environment and can also be seen through the teaching methodology of praise, encouragement and reward staff having high standards and expectations of pupils; morally, spiritually and academically positive and caring staff-pupil relationships promotion of a positive learning environment. All staff members make a collective effort to promote and adhere to the Academy’s ethos, values and expectations. In addition, staff act as role models and guides to whom pupils’ can aspire.



  • We endeavour to provide an atmosphere where amicable relationships between staff and pupils contribute to an effective and enjoyable learning process.
  • We encourage pupils to develop confidence, self-respect and a knowledge and understanding of their religion and to foster a growing sense of responsibility to themselves, to their families and to the wider community.
  • We also endeavour to provide staff with a variety of opportunities to enhance their professional and spiritual development and be involved in a supportive and committed team


What we hope to do

  • Inspire a sense of love for Allah (swt) and for the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him); thereby encouraging pupils to develop a sense of God consciousness at all times
  • Hand down to the next generation the torch of guidance i.e. the Quran and Sunnah, by which they can guide themselves and guide others
  • Provide a high standard of teaching and religious education within a caring and stimulating environment
  • Encourage the moral, religious and spiritual development of every pupil
  • Instil enthusiasm, self-confidence and respect for oneself and others
  • Develop learning, reflective and social skills
  • Encourage extra-curricular activities that links in with pupils holistic religious, moral and spiritual development
  • Maintain effective and supportive partnerships with families and the local community
  • Encourage children to care about the environment they live in and know they play a part as a global citizen
  • Teaches children to live harmoniously in society and instilling virtues of tolerance and respect for others (whether Muslim or non-Muslim)
  • We teach good citizenship as well as giving them the skills and tools to be engaged and active  members of society. They are also taught the importance of shared values and given the tools and skills to contribute in creating a fair and harmonious society for all